Date and time: 
Wed, 2019-03-13 02:15
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Lecture Theater, Dept of P.H.P.T.(CAVS)

Dr. Jared Serem from Diamond V-IMEA Presents a Guest Lecture to BVM Students

Guest Lecture by Animal Production Experts from a Global Health and Nutrition Company.



Dr. Jared Serem, a Poultry and Pig expert at Diamond V-IMEA, and an alumnus of University of Nairobi Vet School introduced Diamond V as a Global Animal Health & Nutrition Company that manufactures immune support feed additives and offers technical support to customers globally. He highlighted that Diamond V products are all natural containing functional fermentation metabolites that when included in feed work with the physiology/biology of the animals to improve their immunity, balance gut microbial populations and maintain the gut integrity. These products work to improve production efficiency, Food Safety, Antimicrobial Stewardship and Public Health.


Modern Trends in Monogastric Nutrition:

Ms. Faith Wakibia, a Poultry and Pig Expert at Diamond V-IMEA, and an alumnus of Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Nairobi discussed the current trends in Monogastric nutrition which include but not limited to; Gut health, Antimicrobial Resistance and Food Safety and the Role of Diamond V Technology in ensuring improved health, production and food safety. She highlighted that consumers are informed and concerned more than ever before on what they consume. Ms. Wakibia highlighted the importance of gut health as possibility of addressing these challenges. She explained that Diamond V Technology has been proven to enhance beneficial microbes such as Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus while competitively excluding the pathogenic such as Salmonella, E.coli and Clostridium. Proper gut integrity too is important in  preventing “leaky gut” responsible for allowing pathogens into the circulation. She also highlighted the role Diamond V technology in eliminating wet litter and ammonia accumulation in poultry houses responsible for footpad dermatitis an etiology for poor welfare of birds.


Modern Trends in Ruminant Nutrition:

Dr. Andrew Mbithi, a Beef Expert at Diamond V-IMEA and an Alumnus of University of Nairobi Vet School. Andrew highlighted the current trends in Ruminant Nutrition that included; The concept of Rumen Health, Gut Health and significance of overall Immunity of the animal to their performance. He reiterated on the importance of inflammation such as the one occurring during and soon after calving and the need for its resolve as soon as possible failure to which it will result in nutrient loss that initially were meant for production. Andrew explained the importance of well-developed rumen as it acts as a site for nutrient absorption(VFA) as well as a habitat for beneficial microbes such as fiber digesting bacteria. On the lower gut, he mentioned about “leaky gut” which allows lipopolysaccharide leakage into blood circulation and can affect animal health. With Diamond V XPC and with proven Research, It has been shown to improve rumen robustness, gut integrity and balances immunity which eventually improves performance.


“Metamorphosed” Veterinarian:

Dr. Victor Onsongo a Dairy Expert at Diamond V–IMEA came in to give a motivation talk to vets. Having gone through the Vet School and having wide experience in the Animal industry, he was able to highlight his experiences as a vet student and throughout work life. He also highlighted the modern trends in Veterinary field and explained how going back to school for an MSc. in Animal Nutrition and Feed Science opened up greater opportunities to him. He encouraged the vets to strive to excel. He then highlighted the importance of the values such as; Honesty, Integrity, teamwork, keeping of accurate records, honoring business obligations, obeying the law and treating people with dignity and respect were key to success in veterinarian career.

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Sat, 2022-12-31 18:30
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Prof. Maingi, Dean, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine