Physical Resources


The Dept. carries out a lot of research activities in the fields of Vet.Pathology, Vet.Microbiology and Vet.Parasitology.

In this regard, the dept. has fully equipped Bacteriology, Parasitology, Histopathology and Virology  research laboratories, 

These Research Labs are utilized by Departmental Researchers and Postgraduate Students to carry out their Research



The Dept. has two lecture theatres which are utilized by students taking BVM, Wildlife Management, Fish Science and Leather science Courses.

The lecture theatres have enough space to accommodate the large number of students that use them for both lectures and also as examination rooms.


The Dept. has Animal Postmortem Rooms for both large and Small animals (Poultry) which are used for teaching to our Vet.Medicine during their Postmortem demonstrations practicals students

These Animal Postmortem Rooms also offer diagnostic services to the outside clients from Neighboring communities and also to Private and Government entities.


Vet.Pathology have Newly acquired Incinerator which has been very useful when it comes to waste management in the Dept. and the entire College.

The Incinerator caters for incineration of Biological Waste that is generated in the large Animal Postmortem Room and in the Laboratories and also the general waste from offices.


The Dept. has a Museum Room where Pathological specimens (Organs) are displayed for teaching purposes for our graduate and Postgraduate Vet. Medicine students.

Also the Museum Room has attracted students from other Universities and Tertiary Instituations who come in the Dept. to learn on Pathological Conditions.



The Dept. has two main teaching Labs i.e Microbiology and Pathology teaching labs.

The Students teaching labs are spacious enough to accommodate the large number of Vet. Medicine students and other who are taking Wildlife Management, Fish Science and Leather science Courses.

Also the teaching labs have been equipped with enough microscopes and the latest technology for image projection to cater for Vet students taking Pathology Practicals  


The Pathology Section has a state of the art Electron Microscope which is utilized for both teaching and research purposes.

For teaching purposes, the microscope have been used to teach both undergraduate and postgraduate students in the Dept. 

The Electron Microscope have been very instrumental during research since it has been utilized by postgraduate students in the Dept. and also students from other Departments within the Faculty.