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Fri, 2019-05-24 09:00
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Dept. of Vet.Pathology

PM attendant George Odada Explaining PostMortem Procedures to Nyeri National Polytechnic Students.

Students from Nyeri National Polytechnic on Friday 24th May 2019 visited the Dept. of Vet.Pathology, Microbiology and Parasitology for an Academic visit. The students included various groups which comprised of Applied biology, Science Lab and Enviromental Science students.

The Students had come for Practical demonstrations in various Labs in diferrent sections within the Dept.

The Students first were welcomed in the Dept. by Prof. Mbuthia, Ag Chairman, Dept. of Vet.Pathology together with Mr. Mukiri, Senior Technologist.

The Students started off with Pathology section whereby they were taken to Postmortem room, then Embedding room, then Histopathology Lab and Finally to Electron Microscope Room.

After that, the students went to Parasitology Section where by they were taken through Parasitological techniques and shown various Parasitic specimens by Edith Keya.

Then the students proceeded to Microbiology section where by were demonstrated on Bacterial culture, Gram Staining, Biochemical tests and Sensitivity testing. Also the students were shown Gram Positive and Gram Negative Cultures, their staining and finally various Fungi staining. The students also were taken to media room for a practical demonstration on Media preparation.

After Microbiology section, they proceeded to Sterlization room where were demonstrated on Glassware Cleaning and Sterlization and finally Bacterial culture decontamination through Autoclaving, 

Finally the Students finalised their visit by visiting the departmental Incinerator, where they were taken through the Incineration Process of PM Carcas and other disposal Waste.

Ann Munene, Senior Technologist with Nyeri National Polytechnic Students in Bacteriology Laboratory













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Prof. S.M. Githigia, Chairman Vet. Pathology