The VC, Prof. Stephen Kiama on Monday, June 20, 2022 went round on a sensitization and mobilization agenda. He met members of staff from faculty of Vet. medicine ahead of  the upcoming #launch of the #UoNfoundation on Thursday, June 30, 2022  . The call, “Support this noble initiative! register and attend the launch.”

On his keynote address, the VC enticed staff members by reminding them the journey for the past 50 years, ‘We recently celebrated our achievements for the last 50 years and it was a time of reflection past and looking forward. This UoN Foundation is one of the pillars of the futuristic University of Nairobi.”

“We have looked at the leading universities globally, look at Oxford and Harvard University, they have huge endowment funds that have enabled them to attract great talent all over the world, support projects and offer full scholarships to bright and needy students. The University of Nairobi through the foundation is on this trajectory.”

“We will attract the best and change the narrative of research and innovation in the continent.”

“The endowment fund will allow the University to upgrade its infrastructure and do more in terms of impact as opposed to the limited funds received through government capitation and fees.”

“Through the Foundation, we will support Chair projects, innovation projects and attract the best minds through students and faculty from all over the world. We will also be able to have strategic partnerships with other leading institutions and fully support cutting edge research.”

“I urge you all to join hands and be part of the future of the University of Nairobi.”

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