On Monday  8th  and Wednesday 10th  November 2021, Thika Technical Training Institute students taking Science Laboratory Technology together with their Lecturers visited the Dept. of Veterinary Pathology, Microbiology and Parasitology on an academic tour for practical training in various techniques. The students were welcomed by Prof. Samuel Githigia, the Departmental Chairman together with Mr. John Mukiri, Ass. Chief Technologist.

The students were taken through practical training in the Post Mortem, Histopathology Lab, Microbiology Lab and Parasitology Lab.

The following Practical techniques were demonstrated to the students

  1. Histopathology Techniques ie
  • Receiving of Carcass in PM
  • Tissue Processing
  • Embedding
  • Microtomy and Staining.
  • Electron and Light Microscopy
  1. Microbiological Technique i.e.
  • Media Preparation
  • Sample Culture and Identification
  • Gram Staining,
  • Biochemical testing,
  • Sterilization.
  1. Parasitological Techniques i.e.
  • Direct Smears
  • Macmaster Technique
  • Sedimentation Technique
  • Floatation Technique

The students were also taken through on waste management whereby they were trained on sterilization of contaminated biological waste and other general waste from laboratories.

Also the students were demonstrated on incineration, whereby they were shown how contaminated biological waste from the Postmortem and laboratories is incinerated using a modern waste incinerator 

Thika TTI Students