UoN’s USAID Fahari ya Jamii project took part in the Nairobi accelerated COVID-19 vaccination campaign launch at Kibra Level 3 Hospital on Thursday, 2nd June 2022. The campaign targets to have at least 70% of the population in Nairobi vaccinated in the next six weeks. Currently, 48.9% (1,492,877) of the population in Nairobi is fully vaccinated against a targeted population of 3,052,494 persons.

UoN’s USAID Fahari ya Jamii is supporting the Nairobi Metropolitan Services to raise vaccination coverage in Nairobi from 47.2% to 70% by administering 3.6 million doses, including booster shots. In addition, the project aims to reach out to more than 200,000 non-vaccinated individuals to ensure that they are vaccinated. Young adults, whose vaccination rates are now the lowest, are targeted to reduce their likelihood of infecting the older population.

The commencement of the campaign follows an increase in COVID-19 cases, with Nairobi reporting over 65 new cases every day for the past five days in a row.

According to Health Principal Secretary Susan Mochache, the accelerated campaign targets to have at least 70% of the population in Nairobi vaccinated in the next six weeks with the region posing a threat of another pandemic wave owing to its high population density.

“We do not want to slide back to what we experienced back in 2020/2021, let us take note of the rising positivity rate and take the vaccine so we can prevent the possibility of a new wave’’ urged the PS

In collaboration with NMS, UoN's Fahari ya Jamii initiated preparations for the acceleration of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign and established a vaccination upscaling workplan in April using a variety of innovative approaches for "in-reaches" at high-volume facilities and targeted high-yield outreaches. In May, the project concluded the recruitment of 75 nurses, 150 data professionals, and 300 community mobilizers and established logistical and data systems for precise programming, including regular data reviews and course corrections. The vaccination campaign will continue for the next three to six months, with an aggressive phase during the first three months and a follow-up phase during the last three months.

“The University of Nairobi is proud to be part of this phenomenal partnership which will see the fight against COVID-19 gain new momentum toward achieving herd immunity.” Remarked prof CF Otieno.

The UoN's, USAID Fahari ya Jamii project is also supporting Kajiado County with its COVID-19 vaccination rollout. The project recently signed the co-created work plan with Kajiado County, which outlines the commitment to collaborate in planning, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating COVID-19 vaccination while strengthening county health systems and communities to deliver quality vaccination services.