The BVM IV class of 73 students were taken for an academic trip to the National Trout Hatchery in Kiganjo, Nyeri County on 30th March 2022. Members of staff involved in this trip included:-

  1. Prof. P.G. Mbuthia
  2. Dr. R.M. Waruiru – Coordinator
  3. Dr. N.M. Kamuti
  4. Dr. H.N. Maingi
  5. Ms. E.A. Keya
  6. Mr. E.M. Nyaga


Trip objective: The main objective of the trip was for the students to receive firsthand information on how to manage and control fish diseases in a commercial rainbow trout enterprise (production chain) in relation to the following:-

  1. Biosecurity in aquaculture
  2. On-farm production and use of feed and feed ingredients
  3. Brood trout stock farming
  4. Running an efficient trout hatchery in a cold area
  5. Basics of efficient treatment of trout farm effluents
  6. Challenges of trout farming
  7. Prevention and control of trout diseases
  8. Fish products value addition.


Trip outcomes

      i: Members of staff and students were given a detailed lecture on the above trip objective by the

         deputy manager, Mr. Eric Opallo

    ii. Staff members and students visited various areas of the farm including the feed production

        section, brooding stock, treatment of farm effluents, gutting slab and the cafeteria to taste the   

        Kiganjo rainbow trout

  iii. The students were divided into small groups and opened healthy fish for organ identification and  

        checking on potential lesions like swollen livers due to aflatoxicosis which was detected in the  


BVM IV Kiganjo Trip

BVM IV Kiganjo Trip