Student Projects in Veterinary Pathology, Microbiology & Parasitology

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2013/2014 Academic Year
Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
Investigation Of Etiology And Ppredisposing Factors To Domestic Rabbit Diseases In Selected Areas In Kenya Paul Onyango Okumu 2013/2014 View Details
Risk Factors And Socio-economic Effects Associated With Spread Of Peste Des Petits Ruminants In Turkana District, Kenya Dr. Simon Mwangi Kihu, 2013/2014 View Details
A Study On Prevalence And Effects Of Endoparasites Of Dogs In Nairobi Kenya Wagura David Warui 2013/2014 View Details
Occurrence, Virulence And Pathogenicity Of Escherichia And Salmonella From Kales In Nairobi And Its Environs Elisha Kimutai Kutto 2013/2014 View Details
Prevalence And Risk Factors Associated With Avian Leucosis In Chicken In Nairobi And Its Environs Dr. Miheso Kevin Odindo 2013/2014 View Details
Improvement Of Ppr Diagnosis In Kenya Through Expermental Infecton And Apllication Of Immunohistochemical Test. Dr. Maina Simon Migwi 2013/2014 View Details
Prevalence, Intensity And Pathology Associated With Parasitic Infections Of Ducks In Nairobi And Its Environs Dr. Stephen Kitonga Mavuti 2013/2014 View Details
Histopathological And Immunohistological Study Of Cutaneous Tumours And Other Surface Swellings Of Horses In Kenya Dr. Dhaval Nileshkumar Shah 2013/2014 View Details
Determining Prevalence Of Subclinical Mastitis And Antibiotic Sensitivity Of The Isolates In Lactating Dairy Goats In Mount Kenya Region Dr. Christine Mbindyo. 2013/2014 View Details
Characterisation Of Infectious Bursal Disease Virus And Determination Of Possible Vaccine Strain(s) In Kenya. Dr. Mutinda, W.u 2013/2014 View Details
Effects Of Habitat Overlap On Parasitic Transmission Between Sympatric Baboons Monkeys And Angulates In Amboseli Ecosystem. Dr. Vincet Onyango Obanda 2013/2014 View Details
Effects Of Malaria Superinfection On Pathologyo Of Schistosomiasis In Experimentary Infected Baboons (papio Anubis) Dr. Isaac R. Mulei 2013/2014 View Details
An Epidemiological Survey Of The Serotypes Of Foot And Mouth Disease Viruse In Circulation In The Somali - Ecosystem In Kenya Dr. Eunice Cherono Chepkwony 2013/2014 View Details
Prevalence Of Bovine Tuberculosis In Slaughter Cattle In Kenya Dr. Gathogo M.s. 2013/2014 View Details
Estimating Prevalence Of Brucellosis In Livestock And Assesment Of Knowledge, Attitudes And Practises Of The Respective Communities In Baringo County, Kenya Dr. Kosgei Philemon 2013/2014 View Details
An Assesment Of The Potential Use Of The Baboon As A Non Human Dr. Daniel Chai Chivatsi 2013/2014 View Details
Prevalence And Molecular Characterization Of Cryptosporidium Species In Donkeys, Watering, Humans And Waste Water In Lamu Islands, Kenya. Kithuka James Mutiiria 2013/2014 View Details
Characterization And Evaluation Of Possible Of Subunit Vaccines Aganist Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia (cbp) Isabella Gacheri Nkando 2013/2014 View Details