Microbiology Thematic Area





Microbiology is the scientific study of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and pathogenic protozoa. The section is divided into two sub sections namely Bacteriology and virology. Bacteriology covers immunology, mycology, media, washing room units. The said thematic area is involved in teaching of both undergraduate and postgraduate students, research activities, diagnosis and isolation and identification of microorganisms.


Virology is the study of viruses. It involves isolation and identification of viral infections of animal an avian species by serology,   cell culture techniques, electron microscopy and embryonated eggs.


Is a branch of microbiology dealing with identification, study and cultivation of bacteria and with their application in medicine, agriculture industry and biotechnology. The unit deals with mycology which involves isolation and identification of fungi, immunology which involves serological diagnosis.

Media room

Involves preparation of media for the section.

Washing room

It entails cleaning and sterilization of glassware for the section



Head of The Thematic Area.


MSC, BVM (U.o.N)

He has specialties in large, small animal and poultry Bacteriology.Read more

Academic Staff and Technical Staff

Prof P.N. Nyaga


He has conducted extensive research in veterinary virology and has has also specialties in poultry pathology.Read more










Prof. Lilly Bebora

PhD in Veterinary Microbiology and Immunology

She has conducted extensive research in veterinary microbiology and immunology has specialties in poultry pathology. Read more


Dr C. G Gitao

PhD Veterinary pathology and Microbiology , Msc Virology , B.V. M Veterinary medicine

 He has conducted extensive
research in veterinary virology and has specialties in large and small animal and poultry pathology, Camel management and production.Read more


Dr J. N. Kuria

Ph.D Vet. Microbiology (University of Nairobi),M.Sc. Vet. Immunology

 He has
conducted extensive research in bacteriology.Read more


Dr M. Odongo

PhD (University of Adelaide,South Australia),MSc(Surrey University),B.V.M.(U.o.N)

 His areas of  specialization are  Veterinary Microbiology and Immunology, Mycology , Molecular Biology, and Poultry diseases. Read more


jcrop preview


Ph.D. M.Sc. (Large Animal Medicine) University of Minnesota. USA. BVM Veterinary Medicine

He has specialized in poultry diagnosis.Read more


jcrop preview

Mr. Julius Kariuki Kibe.

MSc (Kenyatta university ) HND, BLT(Kenya Polytechnic)

Senior technologist incharge of virology section. He has got special training skills in virology. Animal tissue culture, Neutralization tests and Flourescent Antibody Techiniques as well as Paramyxo /Orthomyxo virus pathogenicity tests. Read more.


Mutune Mary N

Higher national Dip. (Medical lab technology) Kenya polytechnic.

 Senior Technologist in charge of virology section and poultry post -mortem room specialized in virology ,parasitology techniques and poultry , fish post-mortem.Read more


Ms. Ann Kangai Munene

BSc ,HND, Biotechnology,Dilploma medical lab sciencies (Kenya polytechnic)

Senior Technologist incharge of bacteriology section. Specialized in molecular,  microbiology and virology techiniques. Read more


Ms Charity Gathenya 

Senior Technologist in bacteriology section.special trainining skills in biotechnology.Read more



BSc.  Medical Laboratory Sciences(Mount Kenya University),Diploma medical laboratory technology

Junior technologist in microbiology section.Special trainining skills in microbiology. Read more 


  Higher National Diploma ,Diploma in industrial microbiology (Kenya Polytechnic)


Junior technologist in microbiology section.Special trainining skills in microbiology.Read more

Lydiah  N Maina

certificate in Science Laboratory Technology (Nairobi Technical Training Institute)

 Junior Technologist in microbiology section. Specilized skills in media preparation and sterilization. Read more