Parasitology Thematic Area


Parasitology is the study of parasites that cause economic losses in   Agriculture, aquaculture operations or which infect companion animals. The parasitology laboratory offers expertise in the identification of animal parasites (Helminthology, Entomology & Protozoology) from all types of clinical specimens. The laboratory is a section for scientific research that is complemented with field work. It also handles both undergraduate and postgraduate students for practicals purposes. Technical teaching sessions are also arranged for small or large groups of individuals from other institutions.

Head of Parasitology Thematic Area

Dr. Ayuya Joseph Maina, MSc,BVM (U.o.N)

Dr. Ayuya has specialties in
large, small animal and poultry parasitology.

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Academic Staff and Technical Staff

Prof. W. K. Munyua

(Ph.D.(U.o.N), MSc(U.o.N), BVSc(U.o.N)

Prof. W. K. Munyua is a Professor of Veterinary Parasitology.He is widely published and he also
supports the Department in Parasitology Diagnostics. Read More


 Professor Ndichu Maingi

PhD (U.o.N), MSc ( McGill), BVM (U.o.N).

Prof. Maingi specializes on anthelmintic resistance and integrated management interventions for helminths in grazing livestock. He also has research interests in molecular identification and diagnosis of parasitic infections and diagnosis and control of Taenia solium cysticercosis.Read More.

Prof. Kanyari Paul.


Prof. Kanyari has specialised on Veterinary Entomology and Protozoology. Read more.

Dr R. M Waruiru:


 Dr. Waruiru has specialised on large and small animal and poultry parasitology. Read more

Dr J.N Chege

Ph.D, MSc, BVM


Dr J. Chege is a senior lecturer of Veterinary parasitology. He has conducted extensive research in
Parasitology. He also supports the Department in diagnostic services in Veterinary parasitology.Read more.

Dr S.M. Githigia

Ph.D (U.o.N), MSc((U.o.N), BVM(U.o.N)

Dr Samuel Maina Githigia is a senior Lecturer in the Department of Veterinary Pathology, Microbiology and Parasitology.Read more.

Ms. R.N. Gitari


Ms.Gitari is a senior technologist  in-charge of parasitology laboratory.She specialises on diagnosis of veterinary parasites.Read more.

Ms. Githinji R.W


Ms. Githinji is a senior technologist in-charge of the parasitology section.she has specialised on diagnosis of veterinary parasites (Helmiinthology,Entomology & Protozoology).Githinji is currently the web champion of the Department of Veterinary Pathology Microbiology and Parasitology.Read more.


Mr. Richard Otieno



On going projects

Mr. Otieno is a junior technologist in parasitology section and also involved in research work of Masters and PhD students. Read more

Diagnostic and control tools and stragies for Taenia Solium by prof N.Maingi

Developing for promoting ASAL communities in drought mitigation and maximization of livestock resources for improved livelihoods through strategic linkages by Prof P.W.Kanyari.

Past projects


characterizing and assessing the benefits and public health risks of urbarn and peri urban livestock production in three urbarn settlements around L.Victoria namely Kisumu, Entebbe and  Mwanza by Prof P.W. Kanyari.

Degrees Offered

MSc. in Applied Parasitology

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Further studies in Parasitology.

Research opportunities in Parasitology.


Academic carreer in Parasitology.

Consultancy in Parasitology.

Diagnostic services in Parasitology.

Administration and Policy.

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Kamanja Irene Thiguku

Wafula Esther Namikoye

Lavoisier Akoolo


Mukolwe Donald Lubembe

Mavuti Stephen Kitonga

Obonyo Fredrick Ojiambo